The Cuckold Consultant Chat

Dear Dr36, many months have passed since we all have heard from you.
It looks like nobody knows what happened to you and why you left us all.
We have all been waiting for your well respected chat to come back.

Many chatters lost their friends, as well did I.
In April 2023 I decided to build my own chat to offer the best alternative possible.
Many guys joined our chat and found their old friends. They are happy.
I have received overwhelming positive responses from the community.

Our chat and this website is a tribute to your legacy, thank you for all.

Yours, Aquarius.

The cuckold consultant chat

The Legacy

Dr 36, if you ever read this, thank you for those 5 years of cuckold consultant. Your user base felt lost after your chat went offline. Many users lost their friends and did not had any contact details outside the cuckold consultant chat. We all searched the internet for an alternative, but there was not a chat close to the what the cuckold consultant ever was. 

Will we? No, the original cuckold consultant can never be beaten ! Nobody can do that. What we can do is offer the best alternative, we try with 321cuckold, a safe harber with as many verified users as possible.

A new chapter, 321cuckoldchat

A fantastic user base, verified chatters, kudo's, the perfect dice bot..  we will never forget it.  We are not here to take what you lost, Dr36.  But we are missing the community and are trying to build the best alternative possible. Our successor chat is called 321cuckold, and many of your loyal users felt a warm welcome in our place. 

At the moment of writing this we are 11 months old and we enjoy a daily peak of 250 chatters online. We have over 21.000 registered members. We are skyrocketing.   We started at April 12th 2023 as first successor of the cuckold consultant.




321cuckold tries to offer your the best alternative by acting as an open and friendly community with as many verified users as possible. Privacy of our users is very important and should always be respected. People need to feel comfortable with the mod team. Everybody should feel welcome and respected at our chat. The chat should be known as a warm and safe place to chat. We do not judge people about their feelings or desires. 

Dr36, your username is reserved for you at
Everybody is welcome to our new chat.

The cuckold community continues

Dear Dr36, we had to start from scratch,
but your well respected user base is finding their way to our chat.
We are happy to welcome them a new place at 321cuckoldchat

Registered Chatters 

21.148 (no quests)

Verfied pic owners

Almost 2000 real verified pic owners 

Verified wives 

over 100 females posed with our chat badge


200 supporters of the chat 

We bring you a value driven successor to
The cuckold consultant

To be clear, we are not the original cuckold consultant.
We are 321cuckold and we are trying to build the one and only alternative.
More information can be read above

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